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17th April 2018
To all students,
Please be informed that all diploma and certificate classes on 9th May 2018 (Wednesday) are CANCELLED due to the declaration of Public Holiday by the Prime Minister Department for 14th Election Day. There is no replacement class is required for the said date. However, for BBE and BCA programmes, all classes on 9th May 2018 (Wednesday) are POSTPONED to 11th June 2018 (Monday). Thank you.
12th April 2018
Please be informed that starting from April until June 2018, every Friday is a non-working day for the College (6th April - 29th June 2018 only). Thank you.
12th April 2018
Schedule For Special Exam & Re-Sit, Semester II, Session 2017/2018.
9th April 2018
Academic Calendar For Certificate & Diploma Programmes (Modular), Semester III, Session 2017/2018.
14th March 2018
1st Notice 48th Ibadah Camp, Semester III, Session 2017/2018.
2nd March 2018
Are you barred from taking the examination? Read this!
2nd March 2018
Are you failed to attend the examination day but have valid reason, let's apply for Special Examination.
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